Experience Resident Life at Ellery Arbor Memory Care

We believe that three nutritious meals a day is the very minimum of what we can do for our residents. We go further by striving for a unique culinary experience. Our residents enjoy delicious, nutritious, and visually appealing meals and snacks every day.


Nutrition, Taste, and Quality

We believe that meal times should be memorable for all the right reasons. Our experienced culinary team works hard to serve well-balanced, nutritious, delicious, and visually appealing meals and snacks they know our residents will love. We also prioritize locally sourced and fresh ingredients.

All dietary needs are catered for here at Ellery Arbor Memory Care.

Food That Tastes Like Home

We see reminiscence therapy as integral to our residents’ well-being, and food that reminds our residents of home can evoke fond memories. Our culinary team loves learning about our residents’ favorite recipes from their past and recreating them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Whether it’s a special pie recipe or a unique pasta creation, we go above and beyond to help our residents feel at home.

Sagora Pathways – Dining with G.R.A.C.E

Dining with G.R.A.C.E is our unique Sagora Pathways Memory Care program, designed to maximize resident comfort.

Great food




Every meal every day


We know how overwhelming and stressful meal times can be for our Memory Care residents. Dining with G.R.A.C.E is an innovative program to help eliminate some of that stress and frustration.

As part of our Memory Care program, our residents can choose their preferred meal from our visual menus and enjoy it in our comfortable dining room with soft lighting and calming music.

Catering to All Tastes

We are a diverse senior living community, with our residents all having different tastes and preferences! We do our best to cater to everyone with a wide-ranging menu consisting of hearty classics, gourmet dishes, and contemporary creations.

Set Menu Structure

We prepare a range of delicious dishes for our residents and are always trying new things! However, our menu structure is something we keep the same for comfort and peace of mind. Every day, our residents can enjoy:








Drinks and snacks 24/7

Private Dining

We have a comfortable shared dining space for all residents to enjoy. However, we also offer a private dining space on request.

This dining room is the perfect place for our residents to spend time with their families and share special memories and meals together. We look forward to welcoming families into our community to enjoy this space!

Restaurant-Style Service

Our residents look forward to restaurant-style food every day. However, Ellery Arbor Memory Care goes one step further by providing restaurant-style service.

Our dining rooms are set up like traditional restaurant dining rooms. We also offer kitchen-to-table service for resident convenience. We aim to take all the hard work and stress out of meal times.

Learn More About Meal Times at Ellery Arbor Memory Care

You deserve to have all the facts about any senior living community before becoming a resident. Contact the friendly team at Ellery Arbor Memory Care today to learn more about our innovative programming to suit you or your loved one’s unique needs. We look forward to showing you around.