Main Street

Welcome to Main Street

Providing a safe, secure, and comfortable living environment for our residents is our main priority. However, we’re also dedicated to improving our residents’ overall quality of life.

We incorporate life skills stations into our community, helping residents enjoy independence and a sense of purpose. Our residents living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia enjoy being able to engage with interactive spaces in a town-like communal area called Main Street.

Main Street is a purpose-built space in Ellery Arbor Memory Care with ‘shops’ that residents can interact with in a safe and secure environment. They can people-watch in the Town Center Corridor, enjoy a delicious treat in the Main Street Sweet Shoppe, and be pampered in the Beehive Hair & Nail Salon.

Our residents love maintaining their autonomy in our senior living community by being able to live intentionally, with shop-like environments that trigger memories and help them maintain a sense of purpose.

Our Main Street Businesses


Sweet Shoppe

Sweet Shoppe is a vintage-themed café with retro furniture and décor designed to evoke nostalgia for our residents. Our residents can visit Sweet Shoppe to reminisce about old times and even enjoy ice cream, milkshakes, and other delicious treats whipped up by our dedicated culinary team.

This fun space is something we love sharing with our residents and their families, especially when reminiscence therapy can be so crucial for improving mental functions, communication abilities, quality of life, and mood.


Beehive Hair & Nail Salon

We are firm believers in maintaining our residents’ dignity at all times. Our Beehive Hair & Nail Salon is just one of many ways for us to do this. Our on-site salon is a dedicated space for our residents to maintain their personal care and grooming habits for their well-being and dignity.

Our salon has a waiting area, salon chairs, hair stylists, and high-quality hair-care products. Our residents can also benefit from hand massages to truly feel pampered at Ellery Arbor Memory Care.


Music Hall

Music is a big part of our residents’ lives, with many weekly activities revolving around it. Therefore, there’s always something happening in the Main Street Music Hall!

This purpose-built space has a piano taking pride of place and is popular for sing-a-longs, song games, and musical performances by visitors. While musical performances are happening, our residents can listen to beautiful songs while they run errands and socialize in other areas of Main Street.


Relaxation Room

The Relaxation Room is a peaceful, quiet, and serene communal space for our residents to relax and feel at ease. This distraction-free zone with comfortable seating, calming colors, and soft lighting can help our residents feel less stressed, anxious, and agitated.

The Relaxation Room is easily accessible by most residents and can be a wonderful space to improve their moods.


Town Center Corridor

Just as you might wander around your local town, sit on a bench, and watch the world go by, our residents can do the same in our safe, secure senior living community.

Town Center Corridor is a popular part of Main Street, functioning as a foyer and entrance to all Main Street businesses. We installed seating in this area so our residents can relax and people-watch before deciding which business to visit in their spare time.



Our neatly manicured courtyard is a popular spot for our nature-loving residents. Residents can move freely in this secure space, with access to elements of nature like grass, plants, bird feeders, and beautiful flowers. We also have plenty of pathways for them to meander down when they feel like getting fresh air.

This safe outdoor space has a calming effect on our residents, improving their moods and helping them to feel more relaxed and less agitated.

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